About Us

SolarWat developed a proven and
patent-protected solar technology
that significantly increases
financial returns of PV systems
by avoiding mismatch on both
the panels level and the cells level
through simple and affordable
technological innovation.

Our Technology

SolarWat’s breakthrough solar technology features a holistic PV system that uses conventional solar cells and inverters with an innovative SolarWat system to solve the greatest challenge that plagues existing PV systems: loss of energy due to mismatch on both solar panels and solar cells levels. SolarWat’s solution brings PV technology to new heights by effectively overcoming this mismatch and the challenges associated with it, including: manufacturing tolerance, temperature differences between panels, partial shading, hotspots, limited lifespan, insufficient reliability, and more.

Comparative tests conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute (the largest organization for applied research in Europe) demonstrate that SolarWat outperforms conventional and optimized systems.

The report issued by the Fraunhofer Institute from June 2017 shows that the SolarWat based PV system produces much higher power yield than standard PV systems:

  • Under different partial shading scenarios, the SolarWat advantage is between 26.5% - 1780% more energy
  • In full sunshine without any shading SolarWat produces between 4.3% - 6.2% more energy

With SolarWat, the hotspot effect is completely eliminated. Hotspots are a major cause of energy loss over time and accelerate the aging process of PV systems.

SW_mod_1_hotspot  REG_pan_1_hotspot
SW_no_hotspot REG_hotspot

Source: RETC report (January 2016).


SolarWat Test Site in Even Yehuda, Israel.

 The SolarWat system offers:

  • Higher real-world return on investment (ROI)
  • Greater energy density per unit area
  • Higher energy yield over systems’ life of operation
  • Longer lifespan of PV panels
  • Better reliability of PV panels
  • Very low sensitivity to partial and dynamic shading
  • Safety – electrocution prevention for installers and firefighters
  • An exceptional solution for densely populated areas and northern regions
  • Cheaper and simpler installation
  • Includes an intelligent cloud-based system with monitoring, and command & control functions
  • Can be implemented with various types of solar cells and inverters
  • Offers diverse applicability - from utility scale, residential and commercial to BIPV, solar sidewalks, solar roads, and more

We have assembled a world-class team of solar technology entrepreneurs

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