About Us

SolarWat is an Israeli company that developed new generation of a proven and patent-protected solar system that provides significantly higher energy yield under all possible lighting and environmental conditions, double system lifespan, higher IRR at decreased system cost per watt.

The system has been operational on the company field site for more than three years without a single malfunction.

Based on mutual agreement with a famous manufacturer of automatic lines for manufacturing SolarWat innovative panels, SolarWat offers a full turnkey solution for manufacturing a new era of innovative panels that provide more power at a lower Cost/Watt.

=> SLW is disrupting the trade off
between cost and efficiency


Unique benefits of the last developed SolarWat System compared to commonly used systems

Our Technology

SolarWat has developed disruptive, comprehensive solar technology that consists of:
a) Innovative PV panel technology that provides significantly higher energy yield, substantially extends the PV panel life span, decreases energy derating during the panel's long life, and more.
b) Innovative PV panel manufacturing technology that significantly decreases the panel cost per watt.

SolarWat innovation delays cell aging, avoids the Hot Spot effect, minimizes the effect of malfunctioned, shaded, or broken solar cells and disconnected soldering points that substantially increase the lifespan of the panel, panel reliability, decreases energy derating during its long life and provides hundred percent higher power yield under varied shading conditions and at low sun angle, therefore maximizing the energy produced per given area (by allowing to place panels closer to each other, disregarding self-shading).

The SolarWat Panel may be implemented with all types of solar cells (mono/polycrystalline, heterojunction, transparent-conductor PV cells, bifacial and thin film technology) and add entire advantages of our technology to each one of the cells types. SolarWat panel manufacturing process is based on the commonly used manufacturing process while replacing only few main machines of the line and using the same materials.

ISFH, a famous German research institute in the solar energy area, chose SolarWat Panel Technology as the best and most suitable for BIPV because of the superior overall advantages that the technology provides.

Comparative tests conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute (the largest organization for applied research in Europe) on previous SolarWat system model, demonstrate that SolarWat outperforms conventional and optimized systems.

The report issued by the Fraunhofer Institute shows that the SolarWat based PV system produces much higher power yield than standard PV systems:

  • Under different partial shading scenarios, the SolarWat advantage is between 26.5% - 1780% more energy
  • In full sunshine without any shading SolarWat produces between 4.3% - 6.2% more energy

With SolarWat, the hotspot effect is completely eliminated. Hotspots are a major cause of energy loss over time and accelerate the aging process of PV systems.

SW module with a single cell
shaded to provoke a hotspot
REG panel with a single cell
shaded to provoke a hotspot
SW_no_hotspot REG_hotspot


SolarWat Test Site in Even Yehuda, Israel.

 The SolarWat system offers:

  • Higher real-world return on investment (ROI)
  • The only technology that increases the power yield by 10% of a utility scale system, and reducing the system’s €/W
  • Hundreds of percent more yield under partial shading - best for densely populated areas and for commercial / residential / BIPV applications
  • Greater energy density per unit area
  • Higher energy yield over systems’ life of operation.
  • Doubling lifespan of PV systems
  • Better reliability
  • Especially beneficial for European climate and Northern territories
  • Very good for southern regions
  • Flexibility to implement with various solar cells and inverter technologies
  • Diverse applicability - from utility scale, residential and commercial to BIPV, sidewalks and road PV paving, spacecraft and more.

We have assembled a world-class team of solar technology entrepreneurs

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